About Me

K2KSTAR – Thanks for Clicking to learn About Me!

Name: Anthony Henderson
Occupation: Videographer /Audio Visual Computer Technician / Computer Repair / Twitch Streamer / Piano Player

Games I play: Check out the Games list page!

Sex: Male

Birthday: December 29th, 1987

Things I like: Hanging out with the soon to be wife, encouraging other’s to try new things, hanging out with friends, making video’s, streaming and first and fore-most, working on a new project of some kind. Piano Playing somewhere in the mix.

Why Become a Full-time Twitch Streamer?: Definitely a life-decision that I decided to make because it makes me happy to bring content that I believe people would enjoy to the people who’d enjoy watching. Keeping it very simple here. It makes me happy to stream, its just a blessing that other’s enjoy watching and showing me love and support. I consistently thank those who tune in whatever it’s one person or a hundred, you’ll find me incredibly consistent.