Introducing: The Star System and REWARD System!

Your chance to collect, earn, bet/gamble and redeem your STARS!

Brief Introduction into the thought-process and application.

You’re in twitch chat, you’re interacting with other’s and slowly collecting points over time. Well, now there’s several new systems in place for you specifically to now spend those points! You earn points automatically by just watching the stream. But now you can bet on eligible games with and/or against other members within the community. Secondly, you can also start a Blast Off Mission! Giving you the chance to travel into Space and beyond to collect stars and bring them back to Earth to of course, show off your collection!

But of course you must be wondering.

“kStar, that’s not much different from collecting points, what’s the point?” And fair point you have there good sir! WHICH IS WHY you lovely cusp of beautiful individuals. We are introducing the


this system is now been designed to not only support your need to collect stars, but provide reason as to why you’d invest time into the process to begin with. By Introducing awesome rewards that systemically not only can the user benefit from, but the community as a whole as well. Encouraging other’s to contribute.

And now, for the commands!


  • The “!blastoff” command will allow you to start an adventure into space. Other astronauts (Community members) can join your crew and blast off into space with you. Increasing the over-all chance that you’ll return home safely and with a bigger reward depending on how large the crew. Basically saying “More People, More Chances, More Stars.”


  • Allows you to check how many stars you currently have avaliable to spend within the redeem/reward section on twitch.

!redeem #

  • The Redeem command allows you specifically take advantage of the Reward system here on this website. You can spend the points collected in order to reap the benefits listed below!


!redeem 1

Redeem 1 will give you the opportunity to have your replay critically analyzed and gone over. Step #1, Email the replay.  Type !redeem 1 in chat after you’ve occurred 10,000 Stars, let me know that you’ve redeemed a reward and we’ll go over your replay live on stream! Going over specifics from build order, composition, execution, thought process, what was done well and what you’ve could have done better. Offering an extra set of eyes on a replay can be extremely rewarding.

!redeem 2

Redeem 2 (20,000 stars) will allow you to join me on Starcraft 2 live on stream for a game, We will do a 1v1 game live on Starcraft 2. I’ll play whatever race of your choosing and we’ll go head to head. After the game is said and done, a full replay analysis of the game that was just played will take place. Getting the benefit of not just playing and showcasing yourself live on stream but allowing the experience of learning from the event by going over the particulars of the game as well. I get challenged to 1v1’s all the time. Now theirs a reward specific to the challenge. Go ahead, collect stars. REDEEM THE REWARD!

!redeem 3

Some people cant drop that five dollars for three hours of coaching. That makes sense, we all got lives to live. But here’s the flip side. Go ahead and earn 30,000 stars and you can get a impromptu coaching session live on stream for twenty minutes. Yes, for points you can earn on twitch, you can earn the chance to play Starcraft 2 with me, learn from your mistakes and get the same treatment I offer those who pay for coaching! (20 minutes does not include the game or interview, simply the analytics. -You must be on discord)

!redeem 4

Have you looked around the game library of the internet and said, you know what. I got 40,000 stars and I think it’d be funny/sad/depressing/HILARIOUS to watch kStar play this video game for a while. Then say no more cause for 40,000 stars, I’ll play a video game live on stream of your choosing! If I dont have it, i’ll make the necessary purchase to grab the game and go through it’s content as long as it’s not violating any Twitch Rules and Regulations.  40k Stars, take over the stream for an hour or two? Seems legit!

(More rewards will be added as time comes. Adjustments will be made as inflation occurred, your rewards will never be denied however adjusted as necessary in the future if in-case the star system begins to show easy-inflation. Either way, your rewards will be recorded and managed.)

It took a while to make it happen, but we made it happen everyone. Now bet on Starcraft 2 games, Venture into Space with your Fellow kStar Fam and in the end, Redeem your rewards for your chance to get another level of interaction with the stream and the Community as a whole.

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