Ark Community


This Community respects PraetorianJDC’s consistent contribution

Provided the K2K Community with its own ARK Scorched Earth Server

We have a mature, comical, dedicated group of interested individuals invested in maximizing the potential and exploration of Ark Scorched Earth. An early morning (10AM-2PMEST) group and a (4:30PM-9PMEST) group that play on this server, showing love and building and surviving within the vast lands of this new expansion and NOW- it is available for EVERYONE who supports K2K!

Question: How do I join? Answer: Follow this Guide!

Step: 1


Click on View, then Servers where it’s highlighted above at the Steam Main Hub Menu

Step: 2


Click on Add Server as highlighted, type in the IP Address as listed above or copy and paste from here

and then click the highlighted button “Add This Address to Favorites”

and Viola, Click on Connect and it’ll automatically connect you to the server but here’s some added piece of information for ya!

Step 3: Optional Convenience


Once you’ve connected to the server, created a survivor, search for the server ingame by using the “My Survivors” Filter tab highlighted on the bottom right of the screen.

You’ll see the K2K Community ARK Server Server pop-up. From there, you can add it to your favorites in-game and from this point forward. You can join the server

at any time from the ingame menu by searching both “My Favorites” or “My Survivors” Tab

Question 2: Whats the Password? Answer: Starcraft

Why wouldn’t it be? Now Join us Gents & Ladies! Have Fun and Make the best of The ARK Experience!

and if you see Prae, remind him he’s appreciated!