Community Update – Replay Rodeo Cancelled

Hi everyone, kStar here with a new Community Update in regards to REEEEPLLAAYYY RODEO.

Due to a few circumstances, Replay Rodeo show on every Monday has been indefinitely cancelled till further notice. I think it’s important that I personally clear up a few things however.

This is “My” (kStar’s) decision. There will be continued support for replay analysis and commentary, it’s why the Star-System was put into place. You can check that out by clicking on Star-System above or -> here . You can email your replay’s directly to and as long as you’ve redeemed the star’s for a replay analysis then it’s all good to go!

Secondly, TheWizardLlewyn is the only administrator on my team. I do have a publicist and a manager and TheWizardLlewyn is my administrator. There is no drama or beef between the two of us and you’ll continue to see his presence around the community as you’ve always have. We dont always see eye to eye on different matters but his opinion is respected and manages Chat/Discord/Submissions and what-have-you issues on a daily basis.  He’s an incredibly respected member of the community and that has not changed.

Any emails to the rodeo email will not be screened or evaluated, again, only submissions to and redeeming your star’s will get you a review. All that could be done through Twitch Chat!

In the future, there will be “special events” with guest casters for a wide-variety of different replay’s and community viewer games and what-have you with different content creators and special icons within (sometimes outside) the Starcraft Community. I am excited moving forward and I hope you guy’s are too. Remember, alway’s share your thoughts with me in the comment section, discord, twitch, email. I am always reachable!

Thank you to everyone who supported the show and I really appreciate and enjoyed my time with Llewyn (on the show) while it lasted!



Introducing: The Star System and REWARD System!

Your chance to collect, earn, bet/gamble and redeem your STARS!

Brief Introduction into the thought-process and application.

You’re in twitch chat, you’re interacting with other’s and slowly collecting points over time. Well, now there’s several new systems in place for you specifically to now spend those points! You earn points automatically by just watching the stream. But now you can bet on eligible games with and/or against other members within the community. Secondly, you can also start a Blast Off Mission! Giving you the chance to travel into Space and beyond to collect stars and bring them back to Earth to of course, show off your collection!

But of course you must be wondering.

“kStar, that’s not much different from collecting points, what’s the point?” And fair point you have there good sir! WHICH IS WHY you lovely cusp of beautiful individuals. We are introducing the


this system is now been designed to not only support your need to collect stars, but provide reason as to why you’d invest time into the process to begin with. By Introducing awesome rewards that systemically not only can the user benefit from, but the community as a whole as well. Encouraging other’s to contribute.

And now, for the commands!


  • The “!blastoff” command will allow you to start an adventure into space. Other astronauts (Community members) can join your crew and blast off into space with you. Increasing the over-all chance that you’ll return home safely and with a bigger reward depending on how large the crew. Basically saying “More People, More Chances, More Stars.”


  • Allows you to check how many stars you currently have avaliable to spend within the redeem/reward section on twitch.

!redeem #

  • The Redeem command allows you specifically take advantage of the Reward system here on this website. You can spend the points collected in order to reap the benefits listed below!


!redeem 1

Redeem 1 will give you the opportunity to have your replay critically analyzed and gone over. Step #1, Email the replay.  Type !redeem 1 in chat after you’ve occurred 10,000 Stars, let me know that you’ve redeemed a reward and we’ll go over your replay live on stream! Going over specifics from build order, composition, execution, thought process, what was done well and what you’ve could have done better. Offering an extra set of eyes on a replay can be extremely rewarding.

!redeem 2

Redeem 2 (20,000 stars) will allow you to join me on Starcraft 2 live on stream for a game, We will do a 1v1 game live on Starcraft 2. I’ll play whatever race of your choosing and we’ll go head to head. After the game is said and done, a full replay analysis of the game that was just played will take place. Getting the benefit of not just playing and showcasing yourself live on stream but allowing the experience of learning from the event by going over the particulars of the game as well. I get challenged to 1v1’s all the time. Now theirs a reward specific to the challenge. Go ahead, collect stars. REDEEM THE REWARD!

!redeem 3

Some people cant drop that five dollars for three hours of coaching. That makes sense, we all got lives to live. But here’s the flip side. Go ahead and earn 30,000 stars and you can get a impromptu coaching session live on stream for twenty minutes. Yes, for points you can earn on twitch, you can earn the chance to play Starcraft 2 with me, learn from your mistakes and get the same treatment I offer those who pay for coaching! (20 minutes does not include the game or interview, simply the analytics. -You must be on discord)

!redeem 4

Have you looked around the game library of the internet and said, you know what. I got 40,000 stars and I think it’d be funny/sad/depressing/HILARIOUS to watch kStar play this video game for a while. Then say no more cause for 40,000 stars, I’ll play a video game live on stream of your choosing! If I dont have it, i’ll make the necessary purchase to grab the game and go through it’s content as long as it’s not violating any Twitch Rules and Regulations.  40k Stars, take over the stream for an hour or two? Seems legit!

(More rewards will be added as time comes. Adjustments will be made as inflation occurred, your rewards will never be denied however adjusted as necessary in the future if in-case the star system begins to show easy-inflation. Either way, your rewards will be recorded and managed.)

It took a while to make it happen, but we made it happen everyone. Now bet on Starcraft 2 games, Venture into Space with your Fellow kStar Fam and in the end, Redeem your rewards for your chance to get another level of interaction with the stream and the Community as a whole.

Tapping into the Inner “You” Pro Team & Self Analysis


Representing Professionalism


I thought I was doing the right thing, I made a mistake. I know when it’s important to admit I was wrong. It’s also important for me to express my over-all perspective and conclusions so that we all are on the same page.

Nocturnal Gamers, nG.

First it’d like to start off by saying that these fine gentlemen have taken me in, taught me a lot about Starcraft 2, nuisances about the game I had not really understood until it was pointed out. Gone over hours of replays, spent days’ worth of practice together and simply put; Coached me to being a better SC2 player over-all. Eternally, i’ll always be grateful for everything Nocturnal Gamers and this post has nothing to do with a departing message or anything like that.

Some people will attempt to spin this into a drama post or whatever wild conclusion they can inquire from the depths of their mind, but know that nothing has transpired between me and the team. We all respect each other, understand each other’s positions and work with each other day-in, day out. So a fair warning, anyone trying to make something out of nothing will only lead you to getting timed out or banned in any attempt of trying produce negativity out of nothing.

I’ve spoken and gone over highlights, specific moments and just hours of my own content since I’ve been a probationary member of the team with my personal ‘inner circle’. I’ve dissected my own Twitch channel more than any viewer ever could (probably; some of you are just amazing) and my conclusion is as follows; This is not who I want to be.

This is by no way nG’s fault however. They are not only reasonable but providing services which in most cases, are thousands of dollars’ worth of time on me personally, coaching and guiding a lot of my gameplay in a fashion in which defines excellence. My gameplay has improved, I’ve placed well in online tournaments and my over-all consistency has improved against all three races.


Secondly, the standard in which they set for me (Diamond 1) would still be the lowest ranking member of the team. Obviously making an exception regardless of my personal achievement to the rank or not. Usually the team rounds about at Masters 2 to the majority being Grand Master. So in all cases, they are being extremely reasonable in allotting representation of their name even in there set standard for me personally and probably wouldn’t have done it for anyone else.

But my focus has transitioned from entertainment to flat-out, getting better. Instead of playing any other races, I primarily play only one race and If I do play another race, it’s just Terran and it’s only after ten or so hours of practice. Not the channel I went out of my way to try and create. Ive spoken about the impact the training and expectations have had on me but I felt it was important to document it once and for all. State my personal experience and conclusions.

I believe in consistent and constant improvement. I believe in avoiding stagnation and encourage experimentation. However, the primary focus of my channel is not “Rushing to GM” but entertainment and realism. So if I play a different race, I shouldn’t feel ashamed for doing so because I am not practicing or working my way into becoming a nG member.

For those out there who feel that I should rush to GM or I will only have 10 viewers for the rest of eternity and never make it to partnership because I am not skilled enough to be popular. First off, you’re not only wrong but this opinion is completely absent minded and void of fact’s. It’s also detrimental to the overall community of Starcraft as a whole. It discourages other’s from streaming their game’s or highlighting replay’s at a lower skill cause they’ll feel uninvolved and will never be able to measure up. So they apply all this pressure onto themselves to RUSH TO MASTERS AND IF I AM MASTERS I WILL BE A GREAT TWITCH STREAMER cause EVERYONE WILL WATCH ME CAUSE I AM GOOD. It’s a stupid mentality that doesn’t correlate to actual numbers, sorry.


I could insert a humble brag on how my own community proves that mentality wrong but I’ll just leave that alone and let people do their own research. Comment’s like this need to go to the pits of darkness that they came from and learn to be more informed before further expression’s spew from the holes in their face.

So if nG refuses to coach me from this point forward because my main goal is entertainment and I return to playing all three races, If I never become a member of the team because I choose to be who I am over someone I thought I could measure up to be. Then so be it. I’ll never be a member of a great Starcraft 2 team.

The team came together and voted and decided that in order for me to represent the team, I had to be a certain rank before-hand. That was fair as I stated before. The main reason was to try and motivate me to be a better player. Do you really want to be on this team? Be better, do this!

Well they achieved. I feel more motivated than ever to not only be a better Starcraft 2 player, but also a better streamer. Unfortunately, I am not looking to rush my way to any rank simply to earn the right to represent a team. I thought I would be able to represent the team simply because of who I am and what I could bring to the table and the amount of dedication I provide to the game and to the community of starcraft. Nope, apparently being Diamond One mattered more than that and there’s no shame in that.


But for me personally, what matter’s more than rushing to diamond one. Being me, playing the arcade more, laughing and enjoying every game of starcraft 2 without having to dissect the game like a personal manual. Reflecting back on everything, I made a mistake. I admit when I am wrong. And it’s time I go back to being myself. When someone feels like I am worth the time and effort of being coached and taught how to be a better player without the stipulations of a Starcraft 2 rank, I’ll represent that team proudly. Till then, I guess everyone’s going to have to deal with me being a terrible SC2 player and to be honest, Id have it no other way. Natural growth with patience over an extended period of time. I’ll always seek improvement but the most important thing to me is not how shiny my Starcraft 2 badge looks but how awesome my Community is.

Let me know down below, in twitch chat and so on. What you think about representing an awesome Starcraft 2, Expectations and so on. Thanks for reading and as always, Catch you in the next one. Peace!

My Second Season of Starcraft 2 in a NutShell: Profiling verse Competitive Intelligence

How Do You Measure Success?

Screenshot2016-06-19 01_36_02


I think it’s an important question to ask alot of Starcraft 2 players honestly, rhetorically if possible but understandably, everyone’ has their own perception of success. It’s hard to fathom how we as a community have so many bloated opinions on ‘How a Player Should Play’ verse ‘How a Player Chooses to Play’ and secondly, classification/profiling a player over actually creating competitive analytical intelligence.



                                                                                                                                                                                                     (My feelings on alot of Starcraft Players, honestly)

Let’s try to be diplomatically honest as possible about the Starcraft 2 Community

It’d be nice to see more GG’s instead of Rage-Quiting.

Salt-Spread’s far and wide – Fast in this game.

Too much drama – Not enough out-spoken individual’s with expressive opinions while also willing to accept opposing rhetoric that challenges

 their perspective without trying to refute it utilizing a posture that’s more about ‘what other’s do’ rather than using themselves

as the ultimate example

Now for the straight-up Real Talk Approach

Screenshot2016-06-19 08_05_08

I encourage conversation. But I don’t encourage agenda prescribed profiling loosely based around ridiculous opinion’s that is used to communicate this juxtaposed reality that is formed within a players mind that they then consider to be “FACT” simply because someone else said so. AND EVEN IF THAT WAS TRUE, to then take that “Fact” and try and impose it onto other player’s because “They Say So” is just the most asinine thing i’ve ever seen this community try to imply onto not only myself, but to other players as well.

Here are some “GENERAL FACT’S” from the Starcraft 2 Community that just loves to just SPEW out from SOME WHERE!?

Unbind F2 Key, You’ll be Masters” – I’ve spoken to several North American, European and Korean Professional players, all of which told me the direct OPPOSITE. There’s a difference between a player who rely’s solely on his F2 key to manage his army and those who use the key to have a general hotkey while also being able to understand how to split and manage units utilizing box skills to deal with the opposing race.

Recognize PERSONAL PLAY-STYLES, some differ. You may not use F2 or Army-All and do well, some may do well utilizing it. You may visually see weaknesses that may conspire towards direct use the key however, that does not mean that over-all, changing a player’s functionality makes them a better player. Play-Style is all that matters. Wayne Gretzky didn’t have the cleanest looking Slap-Shot in the world but guess who’s known as one of the greatest hockey players to ever touch a puck. Anyway, let’s move on to other more popular “FACTS” this community loves to spew.

Oh, ‘Random GM player name here’ He’s only Rank ‘Pick a number between 150-5’, That guy’s a Nobody” – “He’s only GM in NA, Whos in NA?  LOL” – Shut up. Go away. You are the bottom-of-the-barrel of this Community and need to grow up as not just a Gamer but as a person cause not only is your psychology on what a person is and is not just retar-. Ok, instead of calling you retarded directly, what I’ll do instead is say that someone researched Neural Parasite on an infestor standing behind you making you type and say retarded things.

People like this seriously is why the game is in the state that is in. No other reason, it’s just this right here. Everyone want’s to blame the balance team cause of course it’s so much easier to point the finger at the few rather than look at the many which would be ourselves and say “How am I contributing to this community from a positive perspective?” and when you say and do thing’s like that – It hardly perpetuates a sensible perspective that anyone realistically should even begin to pick up Starcraft 2 in the first place. If they are told that trash of a statement, why should they even aspire to be great if the majority of the community in general is ready to shame you for even getting to where only less than one percent of the community ever achieves in the first place.


This is the reality you reflect when you make a comment like that. Soak it in you angry twitch chatter, sniff it like glue, but instead do it real hard so when you choke an die, other’s who aspire to be greater than yourself can live on to be far more awesome then you.

Or dont die, instead continue to be yourself, it’s a win for the populous anyway, Why? Cause as a hater, you only make the greater shine brighter.

Here’s the last one


“That Guy? (random GM) – He’s this(replace this, with ‘all-in’ – ‘cheeser’ – ‘singleunitallstar’) kind of player, all he’s good at it.” I really hate comment’s like this. People think they are so intelligent when they say thing’s like this. It reminds me of the NBA fanatics who say Steph Curry, all he does is shoot 3’s. What people honestly fail to understand is the over-all complexity of the game they speak of and when you try to class and profile a specific player, it’s hard to generalize. Tendencies, build-orders, over-all observation’s based off evidence of history is certainly ok to speak on. But when you down-right LABEL a player as an ‘All-in’ player or talk about weedamins and say ‘All he does is CANNONRUSH-WIN!’ is just false.

Here’s another way to understand this. Labeling a human being is not just wrong morally, it’s near impossible to do. The moment you label someone, he/she can simply demonstrate otherwise, making the label obsolete due to adaptation. So generally speaking, there’s a difference between Profiling and Competitive Intelligence. One is being argued in the court of law right now as UNLAWFUL and compared to RACISM. The other is used in corporate/business environments to help bring people together and gain edges in several educational/business fields. How about that?

So if you’re a Masters player out there, be proud of yourself. Stop shaming yourself cause you’re not a higher rank then you are. BE PROUD, be happy, HAVE FUN dude/gal! You are an amazing Starcraft two player. Same goes to you GOLD player and hey, in the corner, Platinum guy, thanks for playing Starcraft 2 and showing off what you know. You all bring amazing things to this game and shouldn’t be shamed by people who are who they are. Maybe they are just angry they cant progress so refute that level of frustration not onto themselves, but onto you.

And special thanks to the REAL bronzie player’s out there. Thanks for picking up Starcraft 2, trying out this difficult game and making a name for yourself. Keep it up, I believe and know that if there’s a community you’re looking for that’s moderated around the idealistic perspective that everyone’s opinion, including a bronze player is not to be shamed, then you’ve come to the right place. Cause like the above mentioned people, it’s tolerated only to a extent. Why, cause we don’t deny anyone’s opinion. We allow all to express themselves openly and listen with open ears, care and appreciate that they are willing to share there thoughts.

But at the end of the day, know that no one’s immune to critic. And as for me? I am just happy to know that in my second season of Starcraft Two, I made it to Top Rank Diamond. Meeting amazing Gamers and general, amazing people, growing this community from a hundred or so followers to over one thousand, sixteen hundred of you. Thank you so much. I am happy and couldn’t be in a better place. Surrounded by positive, forward thinking people.

Shout-out to my mods and to the GREAT viewer’s out there!










Stream Update !! – Awesome News



Hit the relax button, thing’s are great actually despite the frustrating technical issue’s that have been plaguing me as of late. It’s been a very rewarding experience. But moving on quickly to the update.

For those who do not know, I made a special annoucement on stream the other day gathering that the community would be moving on to a DUAL-PC setup and a higher internet, increasing fedility and the game’s we can play over-all on stream without having to deal with any problems. After buying the new computer, the capture equipment and so-on, the process turned difficult rather quickly.

Not going to go into the major details on how to setup a dual-PC stream, let’s just label it as mildly annoying. However, with all that being said, when it comes down to it. Managed to make it work regardless. Though the brand new PC had some hardware malfunction’s so it had to be returned!!!!

Which setback alot of the setup and so-forth and made the process that much harder. With that being said, GeekSquad having gone over the streaming PC and fixing the hardware issues, the computer returned back home with a clean bill of health.

So now that the new computer is back and so forth? Why no STREAM!?

I’ll explain. As a tech myself, I dont want to stream a buggy-mess and make sure it’s a nice clean stream to start, delaying it an extra day give’s me the opportunity to setup the new stream with a few extra accesories along with some scene management equipment since I am now utilizing different capture software and so forth. With that in mind, I decided to go the extra typical STREAMER-OFFICIAL Badge of approval and purchase a

microphone arm, a spittle catch and lastly

a Blue Yeti

Just to be like everyone el** – NO

To make sure that I bring the best quality stream possible forward for your guy’s (and gals) consumption. As of right now, if I were to stream, it’d be pure music and game’s and personally, I feel the main reason I stream is to show you guy’s how important you are, interact with each of you in the best way I can to let you each know individually (to the best efforts) how much you mean to me.

So with that being said, I felt you guy’s deserve an update. The estimated time of arrival of the microphone is literately tomorrow with the arm, etc, etc. So with that being said, If all goes’ WELL and mail works as intended!!! – SHALL BE LIVE once again with the NEW and improved as close to HD look as possible tomorrow

(Monday: May 23rd 10PM EST)

Stream Schedule as Follows:

10PM-11PM: Overwatch (Want to play with me? Message me on Twitter! I’ll get you into the new discord channel)

11:30PM-12:30AM: GrandMaster Starcraft 2 Coaching (I made it happen for my Community, more GM interviews & coaching!)

12:30AM-4AM: Zerg Ladder

4AM-6AM: Overwatch & BattleBorn & Starcraft 2 Team Games

Should be an awesome day of streaming coming up. All dependent on that microphone, but hopefully here soon, we should be good to go guys. I am excited to see your impressions and thoughts on the new stream setup. For us here, we are excited. Love ya all, see YOU GUYS SOON




HellFire and Venting – Fun Times!

By Popular Request; I’ve Highlighted a Special Segment in the Previous Stream


(I found it particularly funny myself :D)

If you miss any streams, please catch all at

Have a moment you really enjoyed? Request highlight and It’ll permantely add it to the Website. Thanks k2k/ND community. 😀

Community Update #1 – Stream attacked by Racism, Overcome by Togetherness!

Cant Deny, This was Tough to Experience

(Fair warning: anyone sensitive to racial slurs/profiling, should not watch this video)


Ninety viewbot’s stormed my channel for the first time in my Streaming Career (to be honest, not even sure if it’ll be the last time). All with one defined course of action: Spread Racist remarks. For several minutes on cycle, ridiculous amounts of racism was spewed onto my channel during a time where I had an awesome amount of viewers and supporters that were chiming and supporting me at the same time. I felt terrible for them honestly that they had to suffer through this moment, they had to watch me stop what I was doing in order to take care of something like this and I felt like it took away from the quality and message of the Stream in the first place.

I did not realize how tough this moment was until the camera was off and I had moment’s to reflect. Instead of immediately jotting or writing on it, I decided to let emotion dissipate before I came back and finished this very article. It took me time to realize why I was disjointed and it was because I wanted to “game” and be positive and yet I had to deal with a “distraction” and “stop” everything I was doing to deal with a nuisance.

But at the Same Time : You Guy’s/Gal’s are AMAZING

When I say I love each and every one of you guy’s, it’s cause I wish I could garner the effort/time to personalize myself with each of you, but that’d be impossible. So I try my best to create a universal message of happiness, education, positive criticism, togetherness and lastly; love. I hope that overtime, i perfect that cohesive message every day onto the stream regardless of what game I play and what I maybe doing at the time. Here we stood at a time where not only was “I” as a streamer being attacked, but the Community as well. EVERYONE stood up and answered the BELL! Made a “whack-a-mole” game out of the bot’s and cleaned it up. The message’s that came after were heart-felt. The private emails and you guy’s taking the time to reach out to me letting me know how undeserved I was for going through that and how it just brought us all together.

It was a moment where I felt our Community was tested unfairly but through the process, Shined Undoubtedly. When the bot’s were banned and gone, our viewer count remained the same and even a few more decided to hit the follow button and join the community, seeing how we dealt with adversity. My mods let me know “We have your back k2kstar, Play ON!”

Just wanted to let you guy’s know how much that moment meant to me. That if it wasn’t for every single member of the community out there showing their love, it would have been even harder to make this happen. The Stream exists off the power of the Community that it’s surrounded by and it seems to me like I have it easy having every person like you out there, viewing, supporting, chatting and showing love. Thank you!!!


Special Thanks to the Following;

Nisaxaxa;Redshadow343;Sabrial69, xjustxjordanx;roblawls

Future Mod in training; rainbow_knight_poni

And everyone else who had to experience and go through that, we came out on top.




Personal Take #4 – Promotion – Confidence / Comprehension

Screenshot2016-04-25 05_04_06


Let’s State Facts Here

February 8th – Began
February 22nd – Starcraft 2 Started being Aired’ as a Sub-Game on Twitch
March 1st – Starcraft 2  Became Gold
March 8th – Starcraft 2 Becomes Main-Game on Twitch Channel
April 25th – Starcraft 2 Promotion – Reaching Rank #8 Platinum

Screenshot2016-04-25 05_07_21

That’s amazing stat’s to me. I feel so proud to have come so far rather quickly.  Being able to compete within the Top 20% of Starcraft 2 players. Fantastic. Knowing that I am making thing’s happen in that sense, make’s me wonder just how much further I can go and how much I have to learn to keep up this pace. I’ve stuck to my prediction’s as such and have noted that I would get to this point around this time but let’s get an idea of just what this means.


(courtesy: – Awesome website)


Pretty much dealing with the top 20% of Starcraft 2 player’s is not just a figment of imaginative statistics pulled from a magicians hat in back-alley Vegas. This is roughly my personal stat’s stacked up against the Global Ranking Ladders of Starcraft 2. My coaches tell me I can get even further still, their expectation’s are high but my personal take on it might be a little different.

Confidence Verse Understanding

I put in the work, lived with the results.

This season, while I was gold, I hit a bit of a wall for several weeks. Now looking back in self-reflection, I can understand why I hit that wall. Not just that either, but how I was able to climb over that wall and eventually maintain becoming one of the best gold player’s in NA (North America) before eventually breaking out of Gold into earning my promotion. According to several stat tracker’s and coaches, I was the second best gold player in NA prior to me becoming Platinum. Confidence was never the problem, trust me on that one. I was always confident in the fact that It’d reach the point that I have now. But my understanding of the game I play had changed through-out the course of time I’ve been playing.

It’s that understanding in combination with Time Passing – allowing that understanding to juxtapose itself into experience which allowed me to get to the point I am at right now. There was no way otherwise of reaching this point in my Starcraft 2 ‘Career’ let’s say. I guess the much more simpler way of putting it, ‘I put in the work, lived with the results’.

So when I decide to put in the work again, I realize that it’s not going to be easy to get to rank one all over again, top the ladder in points again, then on top of that, supersede the global ladder ranking in points AGAIN, then once you get to THAT point, you got to keep WINNING even still. Doing so, without taking losses cause then you just wont get promoted. That level of consistency take’s time. Trying to tie win’s together in succession is extremely difficult. Never mind taking into consideration this is only my second season laddering. MY FIRST TIME EVER BEING PLATINUM! First time ever really taking the ladder seriously.

So when I say to myself now (and publicly of course by stating it on Stream and in this article) that I will hit a wall, get knocked down to near mid (doubt I’d fall too low) before bouncing back and learning how to tie win’s again before eventually getting promoted into Diamond between the end of this season into the next. Doesn’t mean that I lack confidence in myself. Doesn’t mean I am down-playing what I feel I am capable of either.



What I am actually saying is rather simple, I need “Time” to turn itself into “Experience” – That experience then can be used as a profile entering a game saying “Hey, i’ve been here before, I have an understanding of what’s coming, this is what I can do to counter it.” along with other building block’s attached to the mechanics that formulate over “time” – Time by the way, I refuse to quit on. That i’ll continue putting the work into.

I’ve beaten diamond player’s before. I have two win’s over two Master player’s on ladder while I was gold on stream, with witnesses. But in reality, that doesn’t mean or speak to the level of consistency I would have against that caliber of competition day-in / day-out and putting in the work to be able to compete on that level is the only way that’s going to happen. Though to be honest, being Top 8, hell even in the Top 25 doesn’t mean I am that far away either.

So in reality, I cant wait to continue the ‘Career’ I am putting forward. The journey has literately hit another step on the climb upwards and I couldn’t be anymore excited about the future. Facing higher caliber opponents, learning more from replay’s, going through the coaching and dealing with now- cheeser’s with good mechanics is going to be fun!!

Let’s hope this next wall I hit doesn’t take me long to climb over, it shouldn’t. Cause like the message i’ve been trying to pass on almost for the entire article now is that I am really confident in reaching diamond in little to no time.


Ok, now that I’ve reached this point. It’s time that I say thank you to all the viewers, followers, fan’s and coaches out there that have been with me and have helped me in whatever little way they could. From tuning in, pointing out stuff, staying active and chatting. You have helped me get to this point cause without you guy’s, I doubt I would have made it this far. I love the community we  built together and I will continue however I can to keep it going.

Personal thanks to:

Root Catz, Nis, Capt Canada, Mcanning and his entire Community, HTOMario(those painful early days) – These coaches and supporters have been awesome.

And once again, thanks to the viewers out there, proving to be an awesome group of educational gaming supporters! THANKS GUY’s, CATCH YOU IN THE NEXT STREAM!!!

ADr1ft Review – Tech Demo with more Story Arc then The Division & Destiny Combined


Its a very pretty tech demo – It just so happens to have more then most games

I can just hear the rumbling’s of gamer’s united, I could post my hours on ‘The Division’ and on ‘Destiny’ to juxtapose my stance here. But this is my website, my opinion and screw that, I don’t have to. By the way, if you’re out there creating a lengthy twitter argument about a false understanding of ‘depth’ by comparing gameplay length then you’re missing the point in the first place. Or better yet, while you sit and read out this, put this thought in the back of your mind. You’ve put over a hundred hours into The Division, did you find the game yet?


That’s not a shot’s fired analogy there. If you read my review, I certainly never said Destiny/The Division was a horrible game. Just that it lacked pretty much what Adr1ft nail’s in what can really  be summed up as a tech demo for Unreal 4 engine with repetitive station to station activities. These activities have you ala ‘drifting’ out in space trying to find your way back home. That’s it. Nothing more complicated then that. Couldn’t be simpler actually. Lost in space, fix self and ship, go back home. But I am going to explain to you Story Arc, how it works and why Adr1ft, a twenty dollar game can certainly surpass and rank with a game like ‘The Division’ – Hater’s stop now, IGN scored Adr1ft a seventy, with The Division, a sixty-eight. Easy to explain why.

Eye Candy – How it Works

Before The Summary – Let’s Tackle Facts

Nothing new here folks. I said this was a repetitive tech demo before, it’s a beautiful, eye catching, thought-provoking, analytical tear dropping, DEMO of repetitive actions taken place through-out the entirety of what can be considered a three and a half to four long experience depending on your sense of exploration.  I beat the game in roughly that amount of time and I even stopped to find bodies, get lost and even read some email’s to delve into the story (more on that later!) but there is no denying it, this is a demo that relies heavily on you being distracted by fanciness and awe-scope feeling of outer-space. Other than that, you’re basically button pushing and floating rather aimlessly through what seems like similar pieces of broken ship over and over again doing the same thing about six times before the game’s over. It repeat’s animations for console interaction for different element’s of the ship.

  Fixing the Communications Array compared to repairing the Life Support Systems isn’t just similar, it’s exactly the same.


That also can be said for the majority of the Tech Demo called “ADr1ft”. So when it comes to the outlets of major critics, I can clearly understand where they are coming from. However, with all that being said, that doesn’t mean that it needed to do a thousand different things like every other video game attempts to do with a sixty dollar price tag and still fall short. Now that we’ve discussed the game mechanics being neutrally repetitive like most other games out in the market and should be critically and harshly poked with large spears through the throat for doing the same thing over and over again and yet complain when other’s do it also, let’s move on to what this ‘tech demo’ does that a ‘full video game’ seemingly cant do right.

An example of how Pacing Works

Pacing in Conjunction with Mechanics Telling its Own Story!

 A hundred people shot in the head works well mechanically in a few games now-a-days, but if that’s all you do, your pace of play remains the same and therefor your over-all experience turns out rather neutral through-out the entirety of the game. Where in Adr1ft, due to the mechanics in place (movement speed in connection with oxygen micro-management) you create pace of play. Surrounding the pace of play with environments and atmosphere that is just astonishing allow’s the player themselves to not only play the story, but also be apart of it and create their own story as well. A deeper sense of play that most game’s just don’t nail even with a greater budget and to quote most argument’s heard by Division/Destiny players ’70 HOURS in mate!’ sort of messages. I could care less how much time someone spends on a game, it’s the context in which is dug-up from that experience is what I am personally interested in. You spent seventy hours in the game. What did you learn at hour seventy that someone spending four hours on the game couldn’t figure out is what should be important to you. The item shouldn’t be the ‘be-all end-all’ but rather, ‘how you got it? who did you share that moment with? What influence did you have on the world around you when you blew up half of Manhattan?’

If none of that context matter’s to you then Ubisoft game’s must really appeal to you and as an official lackey of lackey-thee-context. I’ll tune in on your stream while your climbing your next radio-tower, or is that a eagle-eye perch. Oh wait, it’s a hacking box on a roof in Watch underscore Dogs, oh wait you play Division? Never mind, sorry, continue on with your adventure hacking boxes on a roof then, sorry to have gotten the same thing confused with the same thing.


You’re playing the role of Commander Alex Oshima, the over-all head honcho for Hardiman’s Aerospace Northstar IV. You are wearing a suit called the ‘EVA Suit’. Your job as the player is to repair your suit and Northstar’s critical systems we spoke about earlier but other than that, strap in and enjoy the experience cause that’s what game’s should be. Your action’s shape the outer-space environment around you.

As you progress, your suit allow’s you for better traversal, Northstar start’s responding to you with communications and sections of the ship being available. Explore well enough, you get a decent understanding of not really the event’s but certain crew, their roles on the ship and just how things could have been better. A deeper sense of narrative take’s place as you feel hopelessness creep in. Quotes from Presidential speeches (it should be obvious which one relates to Space here) and so on help build this ‘world’ in outer-space around you. It’s an amazing accomplishment for a tech demo to world-craft better then most game’s with so much content but that’s my context over content argument over again.

Let’s just say that this game created awesome conversation, great time’s with viewers. I had more fun with it then most game’s i’ve played in a while and here’s an excerpt from the play-experience that I think you’ll enjoy. In the end though, my review is as follows; Adr1ft is a technical VR demo that should be experienced in VR or not, doesn’t matter. Enjoy the experience and the time spent. Ask questions and delve into the emptiness of space cause their’s more here than most other places visited so far.

(warning: some cursing, real-talk-sensitive issues)