Community Update #1 – Stream attacked by Racism, Overcome by Togetherness!

Cant Deny, This was Tough to Experience

(Fair warning: anyone sensitive to racial slurs/profiling, should not watch this video)


Ninety viewbot’s stormed my channel for the first time in my Streaming Career (to be honest, not even sure if it’ll be the last time). All with one defined course of action: Spread Racist remarks. For several minutes on cycle, ridiculous amounts of racism was spewed onto my channel during a time where I had an awesome amount of viewers and supporters that were chiming and supporting me at the same time. I felt terrible for them honestly that they had to suffer through this moment, they had to watch me stop what I was doing in order to take care of something like this and I felt like it took away from the quality and message of the Stream in the first place.

I did not realize how tough this moment was until the camera was off and I had moment’s to reflect. Instead of immediately jotting or writing on it, I decided to let emotion dissipate before I came back and finished this very article. It took me time to realize why I was disjointed and it was because I wanted to “game” and be positive and yet I had to deal with a “distraction” and “stop” everything I was doing to deal with a nuisance.

But at the Same Time : You Guy’s/Gal’s are AMAZING

When I say I love each and every one of you guy’s, it’s cause I wish I could garner the effort/time to personalize myself with each of you, but that’d be impossible. So I try my best to create a universal message of happiness, education, positive criticism, togetherness and lastly; love. I hope that overtime, i perfect that cohesive message every day onto the stream regardless of what game I play and what I maybe doing at the time. Here we stood at a time where not only was “I” as a streamer being attacked, but the Community as well. EVERYONE stood up and answered the BELL! Made a “whack-a-mole” game out of the bot’s and cleaned it up. The message’s that came after were heart-felt. The private emails and you guy’s taking the time to reach out to me letting me know how undeserved I was for going through that and how it just brought us all together.

It was a moment where I felt our Community was tested unfairly but through the process, Shined Undoubtedly. When the bot’s were banned and gone, our viewer count remained the same and even a few more decided to hit the follow button and join the community, seeing how we dealt with adversity. My mods let me know “We have your back k2kstar, Play ON!”

Just wanted to let you guy’s know how much that moment meant to me. That if it wasn’t for every single member of the community out there showing their love, it would have been even harder to make this happen. The Stream exists off the power of the Community that it’s surrounded by and it seems to me like I have it easy having every person like you out there, viewing, supporting, chatting and showing love. Thank you!!!


Special Thanks to the Following;

Nisaxaxa;Redshadow343;Sabrial69, xjustxjordanx;roblawls

Future Mod in training; rainbow_knight_poni

And everyone else who had to experience and go through that, we came out on top.




Personal Take #4 – Promotion – Confidence / Comprehension

Screenshot2016-04-25 05_04_06


Let’s State Facts Here

February 8th – Began
February 22nd – Starcraft 2 Started being Aired’ as a Sub-Game on Twitch
March 1st – Starcraft 2  Became Gold
March 8th – Starcraft 2 Becomes Main-Game on Twitch Channel
April 25th – Starcraft 2 Promotion – Reaching Rank #8 Platinum

Screenshot2016-04-25 05_07_21

That’s amazing stat’s to me. I feel so proud to have come so far rather quickly.  Being able to compete within the Top 20% of Starcraft 2 players. Fantastic. Knowing that I am making thing’s happen in that sense, make’s me wonder just how much further I can go and how much I have to learn to keep up this pace. I’ve stuck to my prediction’s as such and have noted that I would get to this point around this time but let’s get an idea of just what this means.


(courtesy: – Awesome website)


Pretty much dealing with the top 20% of Starcraft 2 player’s is not just a figment of imaginative statistics pulled from a magicians hat in back-alley Vegas. This is roughly my personal stat’s stacked up against the Global Ranking Ladders of Starcraft 2. My coaches tell me I can get even further still, their expectation’s are high but my personal take on it might be a little different.

Confidence Verse Understanding

I put in the work, lived with the results.

This season, while I was gold, I hit a bit of a wall for several weeks. Now looking back in self-reflection, I can understand why I hit that wall. Not just that either, but how I was able to climb over that wall and eventually maintain becoming one of the best gold player’s in NA (North America) before eventually breaking out of Gold into earning my promotion. According to several stat tracker’s and coaches, I was the second best gold player in NA prior to me becoming Platinum. Confidence was never the problem, trust me on that one. I was always confident in the fact that It’d reach the point that I have now. But my understanding of the game I play had changed through-out the course of time I’ve been playing.

It’s that understanding in combination with Time Passing – allowing that understanding to juxtapose itself into experience which allowed me to get to the point I am at right now. There was no way otherwise of reaching this point in my Starcraft 2 ‘Career’ let’s say. I guess the much more simpler way of putting it, ‘I put in the work, lived with the results’.

So when I decide to put in the work again, I realize that it’s not going to be easy to get to rank one all over again, top the ladder in points again, then on top of that, supersede the global ladder ranking in points AGAIN, then once you get to THAT point, you got to keep WINNING even still. Doing so, without taking losses cause then you just wont get promoted. That level of consistency take’s time. Trying to tie win’s together in succession is extremely difficult. Never mind taking into consideration this is only my second season laddering. MY FIRST TIME EVER BEING PLATINUM! First time ever really taking the ladder seriously.

So when I say to myself now (and publicly of course by stating it on Stream and in this article) that I will hit a wall, get knocked down to near mid (doubt I’d fall too low) before bouncing back and learning how to tie win’s again before eventually getting promoted into Diamond between the end of this season into the next. Doesn’t mean that I lack confidence in myself. Doesn’t mean I am down-playing what I feel I am capable of either.



What I am actually saying is rather simple, I need “Time” to turn itself into “Experience” – That experience then can be used as a profile entering a game saying “Hey, i’ve been here before, I have an understanding of what’s coming, this is what I can do to counter it.” along with other building block’s attached to the mechanics that formulate over “time” – Time by the way, I refuse to quit on. That i’ll continue putting the work into.

I’ve beaten diamond player’s before. I have two win’s over two Master player’s on ladder while I was gold on stream, with witnesses. But in reality, that doesn’t mean or speak to the level of consistency I would have against that caliber of competition day-in / day-out and putting in the work to be able to compete on that level is the only way that’s going to happen. Though to be honest, being Top 8, hell even in the Top 25 doesn’t mean I am that far away either.

So in reality, I cant wait to continue the ‘Career’ I am putting forward. The journey has literately hit another step on the climb upwards and I couldn’t be anymore excited about the future. Facing higher caliber opponents, learning more from replay’s, going through the coaching and dealing with now- cheeser’s with good mechanics is going to be fun!!

Let’s hope this next wall I hit doesn’t take me long to climb over, it shouldn’t. Cause like the message i’ve been trying to pass on almost for the entire article now is that I am really confident in reaching diamond in little to no time.


Ok, now that I’ve reached this point. It’s time that I say thank you to all the viewers, followers, fan’s and coaches out there that have been with me and have helped me in whatever little way they could. From tuning in, pointing out stuff, staying active and chatting. You have helped me get to this point cause without you guy’s, I doubt I would have made it this far. I love the community we  built together and I will continue however I can to keep it going.

Personal thanks to:

Root Catz, Nis, Capt Canada, Mcanning and his entire Community, HTOMario(those painful early days) – These coaches and supporters have been awesome.

And once again, thanks to the viewers out there, proving to be an awesome group of educational gaming supporters! THANKS GUY’s, CATCH YOU IN THE NEXT STREAM!!!

Starcraft 2 Personal Take #2

Best Start This with how NOT to handle a Starcraft 2 Cheese-Play Mentally’

(Warning: Video Contain’s Harsh Language and Salt Shaking Finesse That’s Impressive) 

Saltiness be REAL on this video

Which brings me back around to the topic I said I was going to cover four day’s prior

“It’s a Video Game first, a Competitive Game Second.”

First off, I lost my cool, my composure and my sense of self all in just a few moment’s time. My opponent beat me but what’s even worse than the loss is the fact that I allowed my opponent to do the most devastating thing any Starcraft 2 player inevitably has to learn not to let happen.

Beating Yourself

By allowing my opponent the satisfaction of putting me in a state of mind were I start beating myself up, every other requisite opponent already has an advantage because I am distracted. In Sports terms this is usually called “Moving on to the Next Play“. Carry over-effect’s are usually emotional, not logical. Therefor, allowing emotion to dictate play-by-play mechanics and execution usually lead’s to absolute disaster. Emotion is not disastrous on it’s own, but should not be the root / basis of your actions either.

Taking a deep breath and just saying Good Game, relaxing yourself and sort of do a short Q&A of how that game could have gone differently rather than focusing fiercely on your opponent’s mindset at the time will help you better understand how to not only prevent that kind of play from repeating itself, but also not allowing “cheese” plays to dictate your over-all opinion of the game.

REMEMBER! Its a war game, a game about advantages and you’re not ALWAYS going to have the advantage in every single game you play. Its just that simple. This is one of the best balanced game’s in all of existence that has been proven itself over-time to be so. Don’t be like me and lose your cool cause you’ll just start slipping into a fog and hurting not only yourself, but anyone even interested in watching and learning from you in the first place.


Seems ridiculous right? Leo seems to think so along with pondering hard on every other meme picture he’s attached to but the reality is that Starcraft 2 is a Video game first, a Competitive experience second. So you have to expect everything that comes along with a video game before you even begin investing any amount of time into the game to begin with. Ignoring the most balanced video game on the internet because ‘Its too hard’ or ‘cheese too much’ or ‘im not korean’ is just not good enough of an excuse, there are just games that a ‘true gamer’ should at least try so they at least understand where other’s are coming from, allow themselves the experience, a different approach if you will to something that may be out of the reach of their nature comfort zone when it comes to games in the first place. That’s the beautiful thing about games, seriously.

Everyone can make mistakes, including myself. Clearly I can make more than fifteen mistakes in four minutes according to my coach, but at the same time. Saying that I can learn from my mistakes is prototypical jargon, ‘how I learn’ from my mistakes is just as important. Raging and taking only a few pointers while focusing on my opponent is learning, yes, but a plateau variation to learning where stepping back, remembering to ‘GG’ and not shaking that salt shaker so violently, can inevitably make you a much better Starcraft 2 player and a better over-all gamer.

Stay tuned for Personal Take #3, several more to go before the official Starcraft 2 review! 😀

Starcraft 2 – My Personal Take #1


Starcraft 2 became the main game on stream. The first game after NBA2K16 that has taken up the majority of time on the stream. It’s garnered the most followers and attention the stream has ever gotten. We’ve been hosted by an amazing community (shout-out to mcanning and his entire community by the way, thank you so much for helping me make my day twice.) Several extremely high-level players including a couple of GrandMasters have taken there time to even coach me personally for several hours on technique, execution, mechanics and over-all play-ability to try and garner achievable goals and not just specifically embarass myself on stream while playing Starcraft 2. So after spending a month going from Top Rank Silver to Top Rank Gold, now taken in the training that I have. Let’s take a step back and take a look at my own personal thought’s so far on the game in its entirety.

Not every Starcraft 2 Fan will appreciate my personal take on this but this is my personal two cents on the game and I suggest you stop here if you have strong feelings on the game and cant seg-way into other’s opinion without feeling like it’d just jepordize your own personal perspective towards the game. Secondly, my Starcraft 2 streams are entitled “Noob GOING GOLD” or “NOOB going PLAT – Come Chat/Share/Join/Learn” No where I have ever put out into the world that I am a sophisticated professional with a know-it-all perspective towards the game. I am speaking from the heart with multiple entries on Starcraft 2. Documenting my adventures, thoughts and just my two cents. Deal with it. You’ve been warned.

Screenshot2016-02-02 09_32_03

Time? – Life? – Nope. Just Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 Coaches Can be Amazing! Starcraft 2 Professionals also can be



Every professional Starcraft 2 player that has taken the time to help me certainly may feel a certain way coming across this article. But it’s not directed towards them. At all. Infact, I wouldn’t have been able to rank up the way I have been without their assistance and certainly wouldn’t be the proud player that I am without their help so what EXACTLY then does it mean when I say that seeking professional help can just as well be the biggest mistake you can possibly make if you look at Starcraft 2. Well, it’s actually difficult to explain but I’ll try.



This game’s difficulty curve by enlarge is massive.


From the bottom of the bronze barrel to the Grand Master’s ole’ tales of Ladder woe’s, player’s of all skill level agree. Starcraft 2’s learning curve by in large is probably the greatest difficulty curve to simply grasp and get a hold of. The time spent learning the game has caused so much  agony that this;


Yes, this exists purely lamenting over the usual frustrations that Starcraft 2 players experience

(also, funny series, Carbot Animations are just awesome, give it a like-fav/subscribe)

So with that being said, getting yourself a Coach, or two or even more like I did can be absolutely beneficial to your-overall growth with the game. The game’s meta consists of so many different level’s of understanding, let me list a few categories for you;

  1. Macro (Buildings, Structures)                                                                     8. Race Benefits / Differences / Disadvantages
  2. Upgrades (Tech Trees)                                                                                     9. Hotkeys (Dont even get me started)
  3. Micro (Unit Control)                                                                                       10. Unit & Building Organization
  4. Timing Attacks                                                                                                   11. Map Composition (Take the Early gold? Got a ramp you can defend?)
  5. Vision (Scouting, Different Poking Units)                                          12. Replay Analysis
  6. Builds (Cheese? How about Eco?)
  7. Awareness (Pro’s label this as Game-sense, when do I have advantage, whats my opponent going to do in the next 2 minutes?)

Screenshot2016-03-14 03_20_34

(Noob GOING PLAT SOON! Thanks to Coaching and great Community Advice!)

Having a Coach help you understand all these different overwhelming aspects of the game is terrific and by far something Id’ hope everyone that would like to get serious with their over-all experience with the game, eventually get themselves into. Here’s the problem!

Just as easy as it is to be motivated by a Coach especially when it comes to trying to understand the more difficult mechanics of the game, it’s also extremely easy to fall into the player’s trap. We’ve ALL been there. Watching that amazing Master or GM player on stream kicking who’s his face-dont matter, it’s his twelfth win in a row. Making every single person he’s gone up against look like trash and when you think you’ve watched enough, learned alot. Go hit that ladder with this sense of confidence that the world itself cant imagine breaking, you wind up playing against somebody who just so happens to have about three thousand more games played than you, has reached that rank you just earned for the first time seven times over and guess what, knocks you back a few pegs and then some making you stare at that menu really hard to a point where you just go ahead and figure “Why am I even trying this hard to play this game in the first place?”

If you dont relate to this feeling, then you’re not being real with yourself or other’s when it comes to Starcraft 2 cause it happens to everyone including the great’s out there. So absorb personal lessons, personally. Seriously. Learn the right questions to ask yourself when you watch a replay.

  1. What am I trying to do?
  2. Am I being efficient?
  3. How many workers did I make this game? / How many of them were actually working for me effectively?
  4. How much vision did I have over my opponent? Could I read my opponent before he made a move?
  5. Did I see the attack coming? If I didnt, how could I have done different to make sure I could?
  6. Supply Management, how many times did I block myself?

Some self criticism goes a long way in a game like this, do it often and do it right, you wont need to rely on the shoulders of a professional cause what they’ll tell you is exactly what I am saying. Be prepared for loses by willing to watch that replay and learn from each mistake and more importantly, the order in which you made the decision you make. Showcasing that level of awareness over your own style of play also help’s the coach figure out what’s honestly wrong with your play-style to begin with. More than likely, saving you money by not taking so much of professional coaches’ time.

On personal take #2, we continue with the next point to be made;

“Its a Video Game First, A Competitive match Second.”

Till next time, k2kstar OUT!