My Second Season of Starcraft 2 in a NutShell: Profiling verse Competitive Intelligence

How Do You Measure Success?

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I think it’s an important question to ask alot of Starcraft 2 players honestly, rhetorically if possible but understandably, everyone’ has their own perception of success. It’s hard to fathom how we as a community have so many bloated opinions on ‘How a Player Should Play’ verse ‘How a Player Chooses to Play’ and secondly, classification/profiling a player over actually creating competitive analytical intelligence.



                                                                                                                                                                                                     (My feelings on alot of Starcraft Players, honestly)

Let’s try to be diplomatically honest as possible about the Starcraft 2 Community

It’d be nice to see more GG’s instead of Rage-Quiting.

Salt-Spread’s far and wide – Fast in this game.

Too much drama – Not enough out-spoken individual’s with expressive opinions while also willing to accept opposing rhetoric that challenges

 their perspective without trying to refute it utilizing a posture that’s more about ‘what other’s do’ rather than using themselves

as the ultimate example

Now for the straight-up Real Talk Approach

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I encourage conversation. But I don’t encourage agenda prescribed profiling loosely based around ridiculous opinion’s that is used to communicate this juxtaposed reality that is formed within a players mind that they then consider to be “FACT” simply because someone else said so. AND EVEN IF THAT WAS TRUE, to then take that “Fact” and try and impose it onto other player’s because “They Say So” is just the most asinine thing i’ve ever seen this community try to imply onto not only myself, but to other players as well.

Here are some “GENERAL FACT’S” from the Starcraft 2 Community that just loves to just SPEW out from SOME WHERE!?

Unbind F2 Key, You’ll be Masters” – I’ve spoken to several North American, European and Korean Professional players, all of which told me the direct OPPOSITE. There’s a difference between a player who rely’s solely on his F2 key to manage his army and those who use the key to have a general hotkey while also being able to understand how to split and manage units utilizing box skills to deal with the opposing race.

Recognize PERSONAL PLAY-STYLES, some differ. You may not use F2 or Army-All and do well, some may do well utilizing it. You may visually see weaknesses that may conspire towards direct use the key however, that does not mean that over-all, changing a player’s functionality makes them a better player. Play-Style is all that matters. Wayne Gretzky didn’t have the cleanest looking Slap-Shot in the world but guess who’s known as one of the greatest hockey players to ever touch a puck. Anyway, let’s move on to other more popular “FACTS” this community loves to spew.

Oh, ‘Random GM player name here’ He’s only Rank ‘Pick a number between 150-5’, That guy’s a Nobody” – “He’s only GM in NA, Whos in NA?  LOL” – Shut up. Go away. You are the bottom-of-the-barrel of this Community and need to grow up as not just a Gamer but as a person cause not only is your psychology on what a person is and is not just retar-. Ok, instead of calling you retarded directly, what I’ll do instead is say that someone researched Neural Parasite on an infestor standing behind you making you type and say retarded things.

People like this seriously is why the game is in the state that is in. No other reason, it’s just this right here. Everyone want’s to blame the balance team cause of course it’s so much easier to point the finger at the few rather than look at the many which would be ourselves and say “How am I contributing to this community from a positive perspective?” and when you say and do thing’s like that – It hardly perpetuates a sensible perspective that anyone realistically should even begin to pick up Starcraft 2 in the first place. If they are told that trash of a statement, why should they even aspire to be great if the majority of the community in general is ready to shame you for even getting to where only less than one percent of the community ever achieves in the first place.


This is the reality you reflect when you make a comment like that. Soak it in you angry twitch chatter, sniff it like glue, but instead do it real hard so when you choke an die, other’s who aspire to be greater than yourself can live on to be far more awesome then you.

Or dont die, instead continue to be yourself, it’s a win for the populous anyway, Why? Cause as a hater, you only make the greater shine brighter.

Here’s the last one


“That Guy? (random GM) – He’s this(replace this, with ‘all-in’ – ‘cheeser’ – ‘singleunitallstar’) kind of player, all he’s good at it.” I really hate comment’s like this. People think they are so intelligent when they say thing’s like this. It reminds me of the NBA fanatics who say Steph Curry, all he does is shoot 3’s. What people honestly fail to understand is the over-all complexity of the game they speak of and when you try to class and profile a specific player, it’s hard to generalize. Tendencies, build-orders, over-all observation’s based off evidence of history is certainly ok to speak on. But when you down-right LABEL a player as an ‘All-in’ player or talk about weedamins and say ‘All he does is CANNONRUSH-WIN!’ is just false.

Here’s another way to understand this. Labeling a human being is not just wrong morally, it’s near impossible to do. The moment you label someone, he/she can simply demonstrate otherwise, making the label obsolete due to adaptation. So generally speaking, there’s a difference between Profiling and Competitive Intelligence. One is being argued in the court of law right now as UNLAWFUL and compared to RACISM. The other is used in corporate/business environments to help bring people together and gain edges in several educational/business fields. How about that?

So if you’re a Masters player out there, be proud of yourself. Stop shaming yourself cause you’re not a higher rank then you are. BE PROUD, be happy, HAVE FUN dude/gal! You are an amazing Starcraft two player. Same goes to you GOLD player and hey, in the corner, Platinum guy, thanks for playing Starcraft 2 and showing off what you know. You all bring amazing things to this game and shouldn’t be shamed by people who are who they are. Maybe they are just angry they cant progress so refute that level of frustration not onto themselves, but onto you.

And special thanks to the REAL bronzie player’s out there. Thanks for picking up Starcraft 2, trying out this difficult game and making a name for yourself. Keep it up, I believe and know that if there’s a community you’re looking for that’s moderated around the idealistic perspective that everyone’s opinion, including a bronze player is not to be shamed, then you’ve come to the right place. Cause like the above mentioned people, it’s tolerated only to a extent. Why, cause we don’t deny anyone’s opinion. We allow all to express themselves openly and listen with open ears, care and appreciate that they are willing to share there thoughts.

But at the end of the day, know that no one’s immune to critic. And as for me? I am just happy to know that in my second season of Starcraft Two, I made it to Top Rank Diamond. Meeting amazing Gamers and general, amazing people, growing this community from a hundred or so followers to over one thousand, sixteen hundred of you. Thank you so much. I am happy and couldn’t be in a better place. Surrounded by positive, forward thinking people.

Shout-out to my mods and to the GREAT viewer’s out there!










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