Tapping into the Inner “You” Pro Team & Self Analysis


Representing Professionalism


I thought I was doing the right thing, I made a mistake. I know when it’s important to admit I was wrong. It’s also important for me to express my over-all perspective and conclusions so that we all are on the same page.

Nocturnal Gamers, nG.

First it’d like to start off by saying that these fine gentlemen have taken me in, taught me a lot about Starcraft 2, nuisances about the game I had not really understood until it was pointed out. Gone over hours of replays, spent days’ worth of practice together and simply put; Coached me to being a better SC2 player over-all. Eternally, i’ll always be grateful for everything Nocturnal Gamers and this post has nothing to do with a departing message or anything like that.

Some people will attempt to spin this into a drama post or whatever wild conclusion they can inquire from the depths of their mind, but know that nothing has transpired between me and the team. We all respect each other, understand each other’s positions and work with each other day-in, day out. So a fair warning, anyone trying to make something out of nothing will only lead you to getting timed out or banned in any attempt of trying produce negativity out of nothing.

I’ve spoken and gone over highlights, specific moments and just hours of my own content since I’ve been a probationary member of the team with my personal ‘inner circle’. I’ve dissected my own Twitch channel more than any viewer ever could (probably; some of you are just amazing) and my conclusion is as follows; This is not who I want to be.

This is by no way nG’s fault however. They are not only reasonable but providing services which in most cases, are thousands of dollars’ worth of time on me personally, coaching and guiding a lot of my gameplay in a fashion in which defines excellence. My gameplay has improved, I’ve placed well in online tournaments and my over-all consistency has improved against all three races.


Secondly, the standard in which they set for me (Diamond 1) would still be the lowest ranking member of the team. Obviously making an exception regardless of my personal achievement to the rank or not. Usually the team rounds about at Masters 2 to the majority being Grand Master. So in all cases, they are being extremely reasonable in allotting representation of their name even in there set standard for me personally and probably wouldn’t have done it for anyone else.

But my focus has transitioned from entertainment to flat-out, getting better. Instead of playing any other races, I primarily play only one race and If I do play another race, it’s just Terran and it’s only after ten or so hours of practice. Not the channel I went out of my way to try and create. Ive spoken about the impact the training and expectations have had on me but I felt it was important to document it once and for all. State my personal experience and conclusions.

I believe in consistent and constant improvement. I believe in avoiding stagnation and encourage experimentation. However, the primary focus of my channel is not “Rushing to GM” but entertainment and realism. So if I play a different race, I shouldn’t feel ashamed for doing so because I am not practicing or working my way into becoming a nG member.

For those out there who feel that I should rush to GM or I will only have 10 viewers for the rest of eternity and never make it to partnership because I am not skilled enough to be popular. First off, you’re not only wrong but this opinion is completely absent minded and void of fact’s. It’s also detrimental to the overall community of Starcraft as a whole. It discourages other’s from streaming their game’s or highlighting replay’s at a lower skill cause they’ll feel uninvolved and will never be able to measure up. So they apply all this pressure onto themselves to RUSH TO MASTERS AND IF I AM MASTERS I WILL BE A GREAT TWITCH STREAMER cause EVERYONE WILL WATCH ME CAUSE I AM GOOD. It’s a stupid mentality that doesn’t correlate to actual numbers, sorry.


I could insert a humble brag on how my own community proves that mentality wrong but I’ll just leave that alone and let people do their own research. Comment’s like this need to go to the pits of darkness that they came from and learn to be more informed before further expression’s spew from the holes in their face.

So if nG refuses to coach me from this point forward because my main goal is entertainment and I return to playing all three races, If I never become a member of the team because I choose to be who I am over someone I thought I could measure up to be. Then so be it. I’ll never be a member of a great Starcraft 2 team.

The team came together and voted and decided that in order for me to represent the team, I had to be a certain rank before-hand. That was fair as I stated before. The main reason was to try and motivate me to be a better player. Do you really want to be on this team? Be better, do this!

Well they achieved. I feel more motivated than ever to not only be a better Starcraft 2 player, but also a better streamer. Unfortunately, I am not looking to rush my way to any rank simply to earn the right to represent a team. I thought I would be able to represent the team simply because of who I am and what I could bring to the table and the amount of dedication I provide to the game and to the community of starcraft. Nope, apparently being Diamond One mattered more than that and there’s no shame in that.


But for me personally, what matter’s more than rushing to diamond one. Being me, playing the arcade more, laughing and enjoying every game of starcraft 2 without having to dissect the game like a personal manual. Reflecting back on everything, I made a mistake. I admit when I am wrong. And it’s time I go back to being myself. When someone feels like I am worth the time and effort of being coached and taught how to be a better player without the stipulations of a Starcraft 2 rank, I’ll represent that team proudly. Till then, I guess everyone’s going to have to deal with me being a terrible SC2 player and to be honest, Id have it no other way. Natural growth with patience over an extended period of time. I’ll always seek improvement but the most important thing to me is not how shiny my Starcraft 2 badge looks but how awesome my Community is.

Let me know down below, in twitch chat and so on. What you think about representing an awesome Starcraft 2, Expectations and so on. Thanks for reading and as always, Catch you in the next one. Peace!

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