Community Update – Replay Rodeo Cancelled

Hi everyone, kStar here with a new Community Update in regards to REEEEPLLAAYYY RODEO.

Due to a few circumstances, Replay Rodeo show on every Monday has been indefinitely cancelled till further notice. I think it’s important that I personally clear up a few things however.

This is “My” (kStar’s) decision. There will be continued support for replay analysis and commentary, it’s why the Star-System was put into place. You can check that out by clicking on Star-System above or -> here . You can email your replay’s directly to and as long as you’ve redeemed the star’s for a replay analysis then it’s all good to go!

Secondly, TheWizardLlewyn is the only administrator on my team. I do have a publicist and a manager and TheWizardLlewyn is my administrator. There is no drama or beef between the two of us and you’ll continue to see his presence around the community as you’ve always have. We dont always see eye to eye on different matters but his opinion is respected and manages Chat/Discord/Submissions and what-have-you issues on a daily basis.  He’s an incredibly respected member of the community and that has not changed.

Any emails to the rodeo email will not be screened or evaluated, again, only submissions to and redeeming your star’s will get you a review. All that could be done through Twitch Chat!

In the future, there will be “special events” with guest casters for a wide-variety of different replay’s and community viewer games and what-have you with different content creators and special icons within (sometimes outside) the Starcraft Community. I am excited moving forward and I hope you guy’s are too. Remember, alway’s share your thoughts with me in the comment section, discord, twitch, email. I am always reachable!

Thank you to everyone who supported the show and I really appreciate and enjoyed my time with Llewyn (on the show) while it lasted!

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