Starcraft 2 – My Personal Take #1


Starcraft 2 became the main game on stream. The first game after NBA2K16 that has taken up the majority of time on the stream. It’s garnered the most followers and attention the stream has ever gotten. We’ve been hosted by an amazing community (shout-out to mcanning and his entire community by the way, thank you so much for helping me make my day twice.) Several extremely high-level players including a couple of GrandMasters have taken there time to even coach me personally for several hours on technique, execution, mechanics and over-all play-ability to try and garner achievable goals and not just specifically embarass myself on stream while playing Starcraft 2. So after spending a month going from Top Rank Silver to Top Rank Gold, now taken in the training that I have. Let’s take a step back and take a look at my own personal thought’s so far on the game in its entirety.

Not every Starcraft 2 Fan will appreciate my personal take on this but this is my personal two cents on the game and I suggest you stop here if you have strong feelings on the game and cant seg-way into other’s opinion without feeling like it’d just jepordize your own personal perspective towards the game. Secondly, my Starcraft 2 streams are entitled “Noob GOING GOLD” or “NOOB going PLAT – Come Chat/Share/Join/Learn” No where I have ever put out into the world that I am a sophisticated professional with a know-it-all perspective towards the game. I am speaking from the heart with multiple entries on Starcraft 2. Documenting my adventures, thoughts and just my two cents. Deal with it. You’ve been warned.

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Time? – Life? – Nope. Just Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 Coaches Can be Amazing! Starcraft 2 Professionals also can be



Every professional Starcraft 2 player that has taken the time to help me certainly may feel a certain way coming across this article. But it’s not directed towards them. At all. Infact, I wouldn’t have been able to rank up the way I have been without their assistance and certainly wouldn’t be the proud player that I am without their help so what EXACTLY then does it mean when I say that seeking professional help can just as well be the biggest mistake you can possibly make if you look at Starcraft 2. Well, it’s actually difficult to explain but I’ll try.



This game’s difficulty curve by enlarge is massive.


From the bottom of the bronze barrel to the Grand Master’s ole’ tales of Ladder woe’s, player’s of all skill level agree. Starcraft 2’s learning curve by in large is probably the greatest difficulty curve to simply grasp and get a hold of. The time spent learning the game has caused so much  agony that this;


Yes, this exists purely lamenting over the usual frustrations that Starcraft 2 players experience

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So with that being said, getting yourself a Coach, or two or even more like I did can be absolutely beneficial to your-overall growth with the game. The game’s meta consists of so many different level’s of understanding, let me list a few categories for you;

  1. Macro (Buildings, Structures)                                                                     8. Race Benefits / Differences / Disadvantages
  2. Upgrades (Tech Trees)                                                                                     9. Hotkeys (Dont even get me started)
  3. Micro (Unit Control)                                                                                       10. Unit & Building Organization
  4. Timing Attacks                                                                                                   11. Map Composition (Take the Early gold? Got a ramp you can defend?)
  5. Vision (Scouting, Different Poking Units)                                          12. Replay Analysis
  6. Builds (Cheese? How about Eco?)
  7. Awareness (Pro’s label this as Game-sense, when do I have advantage, whats my opponent going to do in the next 2 minutes?)

Screenshot2016-03-14 03_20_34

(Noob GOING PLAT SOON! Thanks to Coaching and great Community Advice!)

Having a Coach help you understand all these different overwhelming aspects of the game is terrific and by far something Id’ hope everyone that would like to get serious with their over-all experience with the game, eventually get themselves into. Here’s the problem!

Just as easy as it is to be motivated by a Coach especially when it comes to trying to understand the more difficult mechanics of the game, it’s also extremely easy to fall into the player’s trap. We’ve ALL been there. Watching that amazing Master or GM player on stream kicking who’s his face-dont matter, it’s his twelfth win in a row. Making every single person he’s gone up against look like trash and when you think you’ve watched enough, learned alot. Go hit that ladder with this sense of confidence that the world itself cant imagine breaking, you wind up playing against somebody who just so happens to have about three thousand more games played than you, has reached that rank you just earned for the first time seven times over and guess what, knocks you back a few pegs and then some making you stare at that menu really hard to a point where you just go ahead and figure “Why am I even trying this hard to play this game in the first place?”

If you dont relate to this feeling, then you’re not being real with yourself or other’s when it comes to Starcraft 2 cause it happens to everyone including the great’s out there. So absorb personal lessons, personally. Seriously. Learn the right questions to ask yourself when you watch a replay.

  1. What am I trying to do?
  2. Am I being efficient?
  3. How many workers did I make this game? / How many of them were actually working for me effectively?
  4. How much vision did I have over my opponent? Could I read my opponent before he made a move?
  5. Did I see the attack coming? If I didnt, how could I have done different to make sure I could?
  6. Supply Management, how many times did I block myself?

Some self criticism goes a long way in a game like this, do it often and do it right, you wont need to rely on the shoulders of a professional cause what they’ll tell you is exactly what I am saying. Be prepared for loses by willing to watch that replay and learn from each mistake and more importantly, the order in which you made the decision you make. Showcasing that level of awareness over your own style of play also help’s the coach figure out what’s honestly wrong with your play-style to begin with. More than likely, saving you money by not taking so much of professional coaches’ time.

On personal take #2, we continue with the next point to be made;

“Its a Video Game First, A Competitive match Second.”

Till next time, k2kstar OUT!

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