Starcraft 2 Personal Take #2

Best Start This with how NOT to handle a Starcraft 2 Cheese-Play Mentally’

(Warning: Video Contain’s Harsh Language and Salt Shaking Finesse That’s Impressive) 

Saltiness be REAL on this video

Which brings me back around to the topic I said I was going to cover four day’s prior

“It’s a Video Game first, a Competitive Game Second.”

First off, I lost my cool, my composure and my sense of self all in just a few moment’s time. My opponent beat me but what’s even worse than the loss is the fact that I allowed my opponent to do the most devastating thing any Starcraft 2 player inevitably has to learn not to let happen.

Beating Yourself

By allowing my opponent the satisfaction of putting me in a state of mind were I start beating myself up, every other requisite opponent already has an advantage because I am distracted. In Sports terms this is usually called “Moving on to the Next Play“. Carry over-effect’s are usually emotional, not logical. Therefor, allowing emotion to dictate play-by-play mechanics and execution usually lead’s to absolute disaster. Emotion is not disastrous on it’s own, but should not be the root / basis of your actions either.

Taking a deep breath and just saying Good Game, relaxing yourself and sort of do a short Q&A of how that game could have gone differently rather than focusing fiercely on your opponent’s mindset at the time will help you better understand how to not only prevent that kind of play from repeating itself, but also not allowing “cheese” plays to dictate your over-all opinion of the game.

REMEMBER! Its a war game, a game about advantages and you’re not ALWAYS going to have the advantage in every single game you play. Its just that simple. This is one of the best balanced game’s in all of existence that has been proven itself over-time to be so. Don’t be like me and lose your cool cause you’ll just start slipping into a fog and hurting not only yourself, but anyone even interested in watching and learning from you in the first place.


Seems ridiculous right? Leo seems to think so along with pondering hard on every other meme picture he’s attached to but the reality is that Starcraft 2 is a Video game first, a Competitive experience second. So you have to expect everything that comes along with a video game before you even begin investing any amount of time into the game to begin with. Ignoring the most balanced video game on the internet because ‘Its too hard’ or ‘cheese too much’ or ‘im not korean’ is just not good enough of an excuse, there are just games that a ‘true gamer’ should at least try so they at least understand where other’s are coming from, allow themselves the experience, a different approach if you will to something that may be out of the reach of their nature comfort zone when it comes to games in the first place. That’s the beautiful thing about games, seriously.

Everyone can make mistakes, including myself. Clearly I can make more than fifteen mistakes in four minutes according to my coach, but at the same time. Saying that I can learn from my mistakes is prototypical jargon, ‘how I learn’ from my mistakes is just as important. Raging and taking only a few pointers while focusing on my opponent is learning, yes, but a plateau variation to learning where stepping back, remembering to ‘GG’ and not shaking that salt shaker so violently, can inevitably make you a much better Starcraft 2 player and a better over-all gamer.

Stay tuned for Personal Take #3, several more to go before the official Starcraft 2 review! 😀

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