Stream Update !! – Awesome News



Hit the relax button, thing’s are great actually despite the frustrating technical issue’s that have been plaguing me as of late. It’s been a very rewarding experience. But moving on quickly to the update.

For those who do not know, I made a special annoucement on stream the other day gathering that the community would be moving on to a DUAL-PC setup and a higher internet, increasing fedility and the game’s we can play over-all on stream without having to deal with any problems. After buying the new computer, the capture equipment and so-on, the process turned difficult rather quickly.

Not going to go into the major details on how to setup a dual-PC stream, let’s just label it as mildly annoying. However, with all that being said, when it comes down to it. Managed to make it work regardless. Though the brand new PC had some hardware malfunction’s so it had to be returned!!!!

Which setback alot of the setup and so-forth and made the process that much harder. With that being said, GeekSquad having gone over the streaming PC and fixing the hardware issues, the computer returned back home with a clean bill of health.

So now that the new computer is back and so forth? Why no STREAM!?

I’ll explain. As a tech myself, I dont want to stream a buggy-mess and make sure it’s a nice clean stream to start, delaying it an extra day give’s me the opportunity to setup the new stream with a few extra accesories along with some scene management equipment since I am now utilizing different capture software and so forth. With that in mind, I decided to go the extra typical STREAMER-OFFICIAL Badge of approval and purchase a

microphone arm, a spittle catch and lastly

a Blue Yeti

Just to be like everyone el** – NO

To make sure that I bring the best quality stream possible forward for your guy’s (and gals) consumption. As of right now, if I were to stream, it’d be pure music and game’s and personally, I feel the main reason I stream is to show you guy’s how important you are, interact with each of you in the best way I can to let you each know individually (to the best efforts) how much you mean to me.

So with that being said, I felt you guy’s deserve an update. The estimated time of arrival of the microphone is literately tomorrow with the arm, etc, etc. So with that being said, If all goes’ WELL and mail works as intended!!! – SHALL BE LIVE once again with the NEW and improved as close to HD look as possible tomorrow

(Monday: May 23rd 10PM EST)

Stream Schedule as Follows:

10PM-11PM: Overwatch (Want to play with me? Message me on Twitter! I’ll get you into the new discord channel)

11:30PM-12:30AM: GrandMaster Starcraft 2 Coaching (I made it happen for my Community, more GM interviews & coaching!)

12:30AM-4AM: Zerg Ladder

4AM-6AM: Overwatch & BattleBorn & Starcraft 2 Team Games

Should be an awesome day of streaming coming up. All dependent on that microphone, but hopefully here soon, we should be good to go guys. I am excited to see your impressions and thoughts on the new stream setup. For us here, we are excited. Love ya all, see YOU GUYS SOON




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