Tom Clancy’s The Division – Review


“It’s a Video Game, does it have to be more than that?”

Seriously, if you were expecting more than what you got out of a video game that’s premise was “Bio-chemical weapon released on Black Friday shoppers in New York City” then clearly your expectation’s were a little too high in the first place. It’s narrative is practically voice-over ala’ Destiny comparisons all over the internet as we speak and then you get the occasional vlog-like scenes in which caption a sort of CCTV perspective to sort of add what I like to consider “filler” for an audience looking to have an animated taste of what the game could have been or “should” have been for the few of you who believe that.


Let’s pretend that you know nothing about this game (Id find this hard to believe by now, especially if you’re on my site of all places!) here’s the over-all premise. As mentioned earlier, a bio-chemical weapon has been released onto the street’s of New York City via dollar bills, a strain of small pox minipulated to be far more deadly and toxic then ever – whatever the reason, motivations being unclear so far, it is your job as a secret military agents called “The Division” to be the ‘divide’ between absolute catastrophe and salvation for New York and quite possibly the rest of the world as so the narrative puts it. Your natural target’s are explained as ‘Rikers’ ‘Cleaners’ and ‘Bad Guys’, not kidding, now does this mean that the antagonists are ex-cons and prisoners and what have you that now taken up arms in a ‘Holy Mission’ to rise up to ‘cleanse’ the streets of New York, not entirely sure even if the game during missions tends to try and paint the picture that way with it’s narrative consistently trying to persuade you to believe so. They all wear hoods though so I guess you can say there’s a relation? A stretch at best.

Division Highlight of Last Playthrough

To watch that highlight and say that the game doesn’t fundamentally have everything necessary to create an enthralling experience would be hard to say and unlike many, Id find a game like this not trying to do too much beyond that to be right in it’s place with other game’s that get compared to it often and say the following “Its a Video Game” doesn’t make it a bad game by any means. This game provides cover-based shooting with more of a MMORPG elemental style to the PC market. A market that as awkward as it may seem, lacks in variety to any degree. So where XBOX and Playstation fan’s may have alternative’s like Destiny in which they can explicitly compare non-stop to, the PC market does not. Therefor, just reviewing the game from a pure PC perspective, it’s a worth buy as long as you understand what you are getting yourself into.


Dark Zone Highlights with Lone Wolf Analysis


As noted in the video above, playing by yourself is just not something that’s going to happen. If you have a ‘lone wolf’ mentality like I do, you’ll struggle with this game’s mechanics and execution, its just a fact. You need friends’ or you’re going to have to rely on the fairly useful and quite reliable matchmaking service that is available at the beginning of every mission and also available at every safe house. So at least in that regard, the game understood its weaknesses and at least in some form or fashion tried to compensate for it by creating a service to try and pair players together as seamless of a process as possible. With all that being said, do not under any circumstances believe you’ll be riding a high-horse into the Dark Zone without at least a team of two others with you to try and combat not just the A.I. all over the entire zone, but the players who potentially have the power at any point, to shoot and kill you as well.

My over-all take on this game is that it’s a well designed video-game and it doesn’t have to be more than that. Sure people can be overtly critical on why doesn’t offer ‘MORE’ then what it does and to some degree, I can see were alot of people are coming from when it comes to story, depth and purpose of action not motivating the over-all premise of my motivation. But when I think of games like Pac-man, Mario and to a lesser degree or Tetris, I didn’t think of the inner-linings of what the game could have done, I just appreciated what it does well and how it didn’t try to do too much.

Again, where XBOX and Playstation users may have other choices, PC players shouldn’t resist. In the end, this game is worth buying and playing and has enough content to keep you involved for at least five to seven hours. If the grind is not your style, you may get burned out at that point but if you get hooked beyond that, expect to be hooked for a very – very long time.

k2kstar OUT!

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